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Daria Schneider – 2007 NCAA Women’s Fencing Champion

By Admin | October 18, 2007

Daria Schneider is on leave from Columbia University this year to train for the 2008 Olympic women’s fencing team, after winning the 2007 NCAA women’s saber fencing championship. DailyInterview recently had a conversation with her about her career to date and her preparations to make the Olympic team.

Where are you from?

I am from Brookline, Massachusetts, but I was born in Berkeley, California

What is your academic major at Columbia?

Russian Literature

Why did you choose to go to college at Columbia University?

I wanted to be in New York and I wanted to go to an Ivy League school. Also, I wanted to work with the Men’s national team coach, Yuri Gelman.

What are your non-fencing career plans?

I am considering going to law school to become a public defense attorney.

Why did you pick saber over foil and epee?

My first coach thought saber suited me best, and when I competed I was successful in saber so I liked it the most. I am not very patient and saber is the fastest of the three, which may be why I like it the most.

How old were you when you starting fencing?

I was 10 years old.

Does anyone else in your family fence?


What does your family think of your fencing career accomplishments?

They are proud of me, but pretty uninvolved as far as sports parents go. They never forced me to practice or anything when I was younger. They just encouraged me to work hard at whatever I enjoyed.

What does your day consist of training for the Olympics?

Every day is very different. In the mornings, I go to yoga class, the gym, or pilates.

In the early afternoon, I either have fencing practice or I go to Riverdale Highschool where I am the assistant coach.

Then, later in the afternoon, I either fence or work at the Columbia University School of Socialwork as a research assistant. I also meet with an Alexander technique expert once a week.

What is your goal for the 2008 Olympics?

My immediate goal is to move myself into the top six ranked fencers in the country before the end of this season. I plan to medal at the Olympics, realistically in 2012.

What has been the highlight of your fencing career to date?

Winning NCAAs was pretty amazing. It was great to have all my teammates there and my parents supporting me.

Which country has the best women’s fencing program?

The USA has the best women’s saber program. I think our top three are all in the top eight in the world; at one point I think they were ranked 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the world (I live with one of them).

What do you like to do in your recreational time?

I love yoga, reading and cooking. I just finished Tess of the D’Urbervilles; it was very tragic. It is also really important to me to spend time with my friends in my spare time.

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