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Grand Rounds – Vol 4, No. 22

By Admin | February 19, 2008

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My pick for top post of the week is Canadian Medicine – What actually killed Jane Austen?

Are All Radiologists Geeks?

Not Totally Rad has some novel ideas about what to get your sweetie for Valentine’s Day.

Going Abroad

Health Business Blog wonders whether there is more germ exposure in Uganda or in a public restroom in Boston.

Medicine For The Outdoors has a heartfelt post about his experiences during a medical mission to Guatemala.

From the Nurses

Nurse Ratched’s Place
tells us why she thinks that nurses should run the hospitals, not administrators or doctors.

ERNursey gives us the highlights (lowlights?) of what a bad shift in the ER is like.

The Sensitive Physician

With the ever increasing racial and ethnic diversity in America, Diabetes Mine has a lengthy post about some physicians’ lack of cultural competence.

Reflections In A Head Mirror talks about how taking his father on rounds one day (pre HIPAA) made an impression on everybody involved.

A New Endangered Species – Primary Care Physicians

Doctor Anonymous discusses the worrying trend of foreign medical graduates increasingly becoming America’s primary care physicians.

Insure Blog describes an unintended (but positive?) consequence of the increasing lack of primary care physicians.


Junk Food Science has a post that whether fat people get that way because they overeat.

Teen Health 411 worries about overweight teenages developing metabolic syndrome.

Doc Gurley has a post that discusses the link between diet soda (it’s poison) and metabolic syndrome.

Aches and Pains – Physical

Lyme Health has the details on taking an epsom salts bath.

Ever want to make your own heating pad? But You Don’t Look Sick has some instructions.

Have back pain and ever think about having surgery? Better read this from the Fitness Fixer.

How To Cope With Pain reviews some of the herbal pain relievers that really do work.

Aches and Pains – Emotional

Chronicbabe goes the turtle route.

NY Emergency Medicine complains about life as a second year medical student.

A Chronic Dose talks about talking about her illnesses too much.

Denver Doc Online has some interesting thoughts about why people smoke marijuana and why they don’t want to give it up.

Drugs and Drugs and Drugs and Drugs

Shrinkrap has a recap of a recent podcast about the use of benzodiazepines.

Dr. Mintz discusses the association of memory loss and statin use.

Six Until Me treats a very scary case of ketones.

Clinical Cases reports on the heart meds taken by the gorillas at the Cleveland zoo.


Highlight Health has a post about the cost savings of a healthy lifestyle.

Healthline Connects has the second part of a two part interview with former surgeon general Dr. Richard Carmona.

And last, but not least, Kolahun has a list of comical diagnois codes.

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