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Susan Bove – Ghost Hunter

By Admin | October 30, 2007

Susan Bove is the founder and president of the South Jersey Paranormal Research organization that attempts to document and record in a scientific manner paranormal experiences. We conversed with her recently.

Is it acceptable in your business to call it “ghost-hunting”? Spirit watching? How do you refer to your activity?

We are professional paranormal investigators. We hear the term “ghost hunters” and “ghost busters” a lot and do not take offense, although there are those that do.

Our group is among just a few that are legally incorporated and have the status of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit for research

You have stated that many times spirits appear as orbs of light hovering in the air. Why are the orbs different colors and sizes?

Simply stated, orbs are energy. The recording mediums such as camera and video camera capture the energy in its purest form.

There is no real significance to the size and shapes of orbs, but we have found they are brighter when the spirit is strong, or there is a lot of energy for it to use such as during a thunderstorm.

Some people believe that the colors can be a gauge of the spirit’s mood much like a mood ring.

I’m not sure I buy into that, though. I think the colors occur sometimes because of the way the light of the flash is refracted.

It is my personal opinion, based on nearly 10 years of paranormal study.

Can you see the spirit orbs and mists with the naked eye?

Some people can, and I have, but you typically do not. I think it depends upon the spectrum of light illuminating a particular area and the psychic development of the person who see it.

Although, I know some people who aren’t very psychic who still managed to see an orb or mist.

I actually think that most people do (see them), but they are not paying attention or dismiss the experience.


Do you need special photography to see orbs and mists?

When capturing spirit energy with still photography, any camera will do,  even a disposable one.

With video, you need special lighting. This is an infrared light that shines into a room, but is beyond the spectrum of light that our eyes can see.

Do the spirits ever speak?

All the time. We not only hear them audible at times, we capture them on our audio equipment all the time.

Have you ever seen the same spirit twice?

Many times. We often investigate a location many times and typically document the same spirit on numerous visits.

Have you ever seen a spirit enter or leave a grave?

I can’t say I have ever seen this, but I have captured a picture of a mist-like anomaly that seems to be emanating from a grave.

Why do some people turn into spirits and some don’t?

There is great debate on what exactly a “spirit” is as opposed to a “ghost.”

Our organization uses the terms to describe the same thing, a person who passed into the next life.

Some believe that a person who has passed is a ghost and that a spirit is an entity that never lived. Spirit is the term given to angels and spirit guides. They are not people, so they were never born, never lived as we know it and never died. 

So this question really depends upon your own belief system. I believe that all people who pass into the next life are ghosts or spirits. To me, the terms are interchangeable. In fact, when someone has passed, I say that they have pass into spirit.

How did you get interested in the paranormal?

I grew up in a “haunted” house. At least one of the spirits in the house was that of a man.

I grew up with nearly daily paranormal occurrences, like footsteps, lights turning on and off, doors opening and closing.

One day, one of my sisters saw an article in the paper for a “ghost group” that was looking for members, so two of my sisters and I joined. The work was fascinating, but we did not like the way the group was run.

So, in 2001, we started South Jersey Paranormal Research. It has steadily grown and we are one of the largest, busiest groups in existence.

Do you do paranormal work full-time?

Paranormal investigating is, alas, just a hobby. I do have a “day job.” I handle the payroll and accounts payable for
a golf course/restaurant/banquet facility.

What does your family think about your spirit investigating?

My family thinks what I do is really cool and my daughter is counting the days until she turns 18 and can join the group. My husband, on the other hand, believes and supports what I do, but wants nothing to do with it.

What time of the day or night are spirits most active?

It is theorized that the “psychic hours” are from 9:00pm to 6:00am. This is probably because of the lunar cycle.

You can have activity any time of the day, though.

Do you go spirit watching on Halloween or November 1?

I do not make it a point to investigate on November 1. My daughter’s birthday happens to be on Halloween, so it is a very busy time for us.

Is there more spirit activity around Halloween?

I wouldn’t say there is more activity around Halloween just because it’s Halloween. There are times we have noticed to be more active, which includes a full moon.

We have also documented a tremendous amount of activity during thunderstorms.We believe this is because there is an almost infinite amount of energy for spirits to use, so they become more active

Do you do spirit investigations in people’s house? If so, do you charge?

We receive nearly constant requests to investigate private residences, which we do on a regular basis. We do not charge for any of our services.

If a spirit inhabits a building, is there anything you can do to make it leave?

We have found that if a spirit wants to be in a location, it will most likely stay there – or at least visit often. We can perform a “cleansing,” but that typically will only work when the entity is negative.

The cleansing puts positive energy into the environment. In theory, this will make it uncomfortable for a negative energy to stay. We have found, however, that multiple cleansing are needed and the resident must continually reinforce the positive energy in the home.

How exactly do you do a cleansing to introduce positive energy into a house or building?

There are too many different materials to list that are used in a cleansing, but we burn white sage along with a white candle. We will also spread salt across the doorways and window sills. We then methodically move through the house, continually reinforcing that “all negative energy must leave and the home will be fused with peace and love.”

It seems simplistic, but it really does work!

Have you ever been personally afraid while spirit watching?

Well, I have been “uncomfortable” in some locations, but it doesn’t stop me from going.

There is one path through the woods in the Pine Barrens that I do not like and will avoid. I have been growled at down this path on more than one occasion. I can take a hint!

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