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Susan Yoho – Director, Grave Creek Indian Burial Mound Historic Site

By Admin | November 26, 2008

Susan Yoho is the cultural facilities manager at the Grave Creek Indian Burial Mound in Moundsville, West Virginia. We recently visited the burial mound and had a chance to speak with her.

Where are you from?

New Orleans, Louisiana.

Where did you go to college and what was your academic major?

Tulane University, Finance.

What has been your career path from college to now?

Computer Programmer/Systems Analysis with large D.C. Construction Company; accountant with Marriott Corp.; State Superintendent/Conservation Officer when Grave Creek was a State Park and now Cultural Facility Manager.

How many visitors a year do you get from the Grave Creek mound?

Numbers are down to maybe 10,000 per year. The highest years were under the State Park System, more than 50,000 (when we had a) national advertising budget.

When was the Grave Creek mound constructed and by what people?

The mound was constructed in two stages between 250 – 150 B.C. by the Woodland period of man.

Can you describe the active archaeololgy program that is underway at the site?

The curation and re-boxing of (the) West Virginia artifact collection in the Collection Facility.

There are many Indian burial mounds in the Ohio Valley. What makes Grave Creek special or worth visiting over other sites?

No, there are no longer many mounds in the Ohio Valley; they were destroyed as “progress was made”. Grave Creek is the largest burial mound of it’s kind and one of a few mound treasures of the ancient past.

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