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Tammy Hoier, PhD – Psychologist and Actress (Part 3 of 3)

By Admin | December 29, 2008

Who do you pattern yourself after as an actor?

I really like Judy Dench. I really like the British actresses because they have such good technique. And they crossover so well. They do all this dialogue work which is really incredible.

They are native British speakers and they get coached and do the research so they can play say a Southern dialect. If you get it wrong it is really noticeable. Heath Ledger did a lot of dialect work in Brokeback Mountain.

Did you think Heath Ledger was believable as a Wyoming cowboy?

Absolutely. I have not seen Dark Knight yet where he used some kind of weird language that was not his dialect. But, Judy Dench, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslett. Some of the Canadian actresses up in Stratford I am just awed by.

Do you go to the theatre much?

I do. There is a lot connected with the theatre department. I go to school with a lot of kids and I want to go see them perform.

What degree are you working on? Are you still in set design?

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting. I got training in the actors’ studio in the department. I am a forever student in the Acting department.

When you go see a movie or play, do you get thrown off by critiquing the performance technically?

No, I am simply aware of it. I can tell bad acting or not so great acting as well as the next person. I know why. If I saw someone playing a psychologist or mental health professional, I would know if that would fly.

What did you think of the HBO series In Treatment that was based on a therapist and his clients?

I have only seen one episodeā€¦ and I really liked it. It happened to be an interesting episode where a pilot was goingto go back to Iraq and try to find the town he blew away and assuage his unacknowledged guilt. I thought it was a really engaging and pretty truthful session.

So, as a therapist you were watching a therapy session and you thought it was realistic?


Did you think the acting was good?

Yeah, I thought it was pretty good on that occasion.

What’s your dream role?

When you get in middle age and older, you get to do things like being a crazy mother or an evil mother, a queen, Eleanor Roosevelt. One is cast as a certain type.

I have a sort of queenly demeanor. I am not Estelle Parsons orsomebody like that who was a Golden Girl. I would like to do something that is out of the square for me. We are going to do Hamlet at the University and I have thought about auditioning but I would like to be the gravedigger.

They are going to do Urinetown at the university and it is going to be directed by a guy who has worked on musicals in New York before he came back (to Morgantown) to teach. I would love to do a musical because that would complete my childhood dream. There is dancing and I love dancing and there would be a sense of completion.

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